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Metal Pedal cars and vintage ride-ons for children

A family business created in 1999, Baghera is a French brand located near Paris.
Retro look, vintage style accessories, everything is done to ensure that your child, who is eager for adventure, can in turn be transported behind the wheel of his car.

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Speedster Silver

With its Silver colour and retro style, this small car is full of charm. Many elements give it a special look by making it an ideal birth or birthday gift!

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Aerodynamic design

A metallic grey bodywork

From one year onward




Jet Plane

A dream plane within reach! At the same time a superb Baghera toy while being a beautiful object of decoration, for the small ones and the big ones. He will also make an exceptional gift.

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Hand-painted and polished

4 stickers already glued

From 3 years old



Rider Gentleman

With its 90 cm length and large wheels, this car is for experienced pilots! Robust, quiet and very handy, this top-of-the-range Rider Gentleman wide-body car is all metal with steering wheel finishes and black PU leather seat

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XXL Ride-on

PU Leather seat and steering wheel

From 2 years old